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@TRLrecruitment about 2 days ago: Giant Majestic Eagle and a Dog Show. We are IN! #rediscoverstockton                      @TRLrecruitment about 3 days ago: @TRLrecruitment 109 followers now, Boro winning and loads of Teesside Jobs. Why wouldn't you follow us!! c'mon Teessiders...                      @TRLrecruitment about 4 days ago: Just noticed we have 102 followers. Watch out One Direction and Bieber, there are new Twitter players in town.                      @TRLrecruitment about 4 days ago: In the process of updating job board but we have a new role for a mechanical fitter #jobs #jobsearch                      @TRLrecruitment about 8 days ago: @TRLrecruitment any recommendations for payroll/invoice software for recruitment agencies